Private sailing tour

As you wake up in Ola, you are bound to notice all the amazing sailing boats with their impressive air of relaxation. Perhaps you will feel a wish to step on deck of a sailboat yourself. In that case, we have a unique opportunity for you: the possibility to join a one-day sailing trip or adrenaline sailing with an Ola racing sailboat. Take the courage and learn a new skill with our instructor and famous Croatian sailor Toni Bulaja.

The Ola racing sailboat is a member of the CLASS 40. The length is 12 m, and the sailboat is suitable for sailing with a small or large crew (2-8 members). CLASS 40 sailboats are ideal to experience the adrenaline that you get from sailing, because they are as fast in strong as well as in lighte winds. CLASS 40 sailboats are designed for competing in open sea.

The OLA has very good results in many regattas, especially in the offshore and demanding regattas. Some of the longest races in Adriatic that the Ola has taken part in include: Jabuka regatta, the Adriatic regatta Susac, the Easter Regatta. The Ola sailing team has achieved many victories.

Adrenaline sailing with skipper

The instructor and official skipper of Ola sailing is Toni Bulaja, a famous Croatian sailor who has achieved a number of excellent results in the domestic and international scene. Toni is a member of the Croatian sailing since the age of 10 and in the Olympic class 470 he achieved top world results. He participated on the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000.

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