This city-museum is protected by UNESCO, and it has been serving as shelter to many travelers and bohemians, and as an inspiration to many artists and writers – a favorite destination of people who love natural and cultural beauty, and a profound place of change.

One of the symbols of Trogir that represents the energy of this city in the best possible manner is Kairos, the Greek god of a propitious moment that comes once in a lifetime. Kairos is giving people the opportunity to “grasp him at the lock of his hair”. Whoever would succeed in this would be considered a lucky person whose wishes come true. According to legend, Kairos moved among people silently and quickly, but still giving them the chance to catch him, thus symbolizing awareness, vigilance and daring, as well as the importance of action and change.

If you are searching for luck and for a change in your life, listen to the old city walls and explore its most hidden parts – perhaps you will find what you are looking for.

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