The first thing we could say about Split is that it is the biggest city in Dalmatia, the second-biggest city in Croatia and the third-biggest passenger port in the Mediterranean area. However, if we take a closer look – all the way down to the hidden substructures of the Diocletian's Palace – it becomes clear that the long history of this city still influences the lives of its citizens today, but also the experiences of its many visitors.

The central part of the city abounds with narrow streets made of stone, ancient monuments and medieval buildings. The remains of the ancient Diocletian’s Palace as the original nucleus of the city of Split and the valuable archeological, historical and artistic heritage of the site have resulted in the inclusion of Split on the UNESCO World Heritage List. According to legend, the emperor Diocletian searched for an ideal place to build the palace where he would spend his old age. Eventually, he chose Split as the perfect location for it. It seems that the abundance of high-quality construction stone, mild climate and thermal springs mitigating the infirmities of old age represented a perfect mix for the emperor – and also a magnificent site that you should witness yourself.

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