Minimum stay 8 nighhts 

The PWL Program is specially designed to suit all body types. Individual approach to each person allows targeted weight loss, bringing balance to body and mind. Medical and wellness staff will enable and monitor changes to your body, resulting from a special diet, chosen exercises and treatments.


  • Introductory lecture by a medical doctor on changing life habits 1 x 45 minutes
  • Medical examination 2x (at the beginning and at the end of the program
  • Basic laboratory examination 1x
  • Daily urine testing
  • Colon hydrotherapy 1x
  •  LCHF diet – "green program" tailor-made for each individual
  • Liver flush program by Moritz (organic olive oil, lemon, bitter salt and juice from organic apples) 
  • Training, tailor-made for your needs 5 x 45 minutes
  • 5 Tibetans (stretching) 3 x 25 minutes
  • Body scrub 2 x 30 minutes
  • Body wrap with mud or algae, designed for individual needs 3 x 45 minutes
  • Massage tailored to individual needs 3 x 50 minutes
  • Lymphatic drainage 2 x 45 minutes
  • Cooking lessons based on the LCHF* method 1 x 2 hours
  • Sustainable two-week diet plan
  • Follow-up: monitoring of the home program



Accomodation not included in price

1689€ / 12836KN

Price: 1689€ / 12836KN

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