minimum stay 5 nights

This new program is designed to neutralize the stress of modern life by combining the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine with modern scientific research of psycho-neuro-immunology.The first step is to learn simple techniques of meditation through breathing exercises and yoga movements. Anti-stress back&leg, relaxing treatment that includes a legs and back massage stimulating circulation and lymph flow. The treatment ends with alternating warm and cold compresses.

  • Individual initial health and wellness consultation 1x 45 min
  • LCHF diet - "green way" tailor-made to individual needs
  • Early morning welcome with herbal tea room service
  • Daily Yoga class 5x 60 min
  • Anti-stress back&leg therapy 2x 45 min
  • Body Scrub 1x 30 min
  • Massage according to your needs 2x 50 min
  • Health walk 1 x 60min
  • Aroma-therapy inside your room
  • Islands In The Stream body treatment 1x75 min
  • Relaxing therapy music inside the room

*Accommodation is not included in the program's price.

Price: 1532 € / 11337 KN

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