TEENLIFTING pelvic stimulation

Minimum stay 4 nights (31.03.2018. - 04.04.2018.)

TEENLIFTING of the pelvic is non-surgical and non-invasive treatment to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, the muscles of the hips and the internal organs of the pelvis (vagina, bladder, …), with a better blood supply and drainage of all tissues.

The consultations (which are mandatory and free) for pelvis TEENLIFTING you need to fill a questionnaire that helps us to diagnose the condition in the pelvis (type of incontinence, uterine prolapse, hip pain, …) and allows better tracking of improvements during treatment. Before booking the rehabilitation programme all clients must fill a following questionnaire: Questonniare (in order to help diagnose the condition in the pelvs). 

All medical reports that client has, need to be brought to the consultation.

Program price includes 10 TEENLIFTING pelvis treatments. 

BLADDER SPHINCTER Strengthening and day and night-time sphincter control
BLADDER MUSCLE Greater control of the moment of sudden and unbearable urge to urinate, complete control of urination
PELVIC AND HIPS Greater strength, stability, movement range and speed; a feeling of lightness within the pelvis
HIPS Greater mobility, strength and stability; the disappearance of pain; increasing the speed of movement
UTERUS Increased circulation, drainage and blood circulation; strengthening of uterus muscles
PROSTATE Increased circulation, drainage and blood circulation
ANUS Better control of anus sphincter
COLON MUSCLES Strengthening the muscles of the colon; regular bowel movements
TAILBONE AND LOW BACK Disappearance of pain with increased stability and mobility
VEINS AND LYMPH NODES OF PELVIC Disappearance of swelling in the legs and pelvis; increased leg circulation; warmer feet; disappearance of leg cramps; increased lymphatic drainage of the pelvis and legs; increased vein circulation
WOMAN – SEXUAL EXCITABILITY Stronger, longer and better orgasms
MALE – SEXUAL EXCITABILITY Stronger, longer and controlled erection; spontaneous erections
SHAPE AND FIRMNESS OF INNER THIGHS AND BUTTOCKS Better shape of inner thighs, abdomen and gluteus; lifted buttocks
1.CHAKRA – MULADHARA Better sleeping, raising self- esteem

Accomodation is not included in program price. 

Price: 320 € / 2.368 Kn

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