Ola experience

Travelling is not only about discovering new areas, sights and cultures. It can also serve as a trigger for permanent and thorough change in life. A true journey is the journey that enables you to peek into a new dimension of life you aspire to. Such a journey has its own tastes, fragrances, encounters and inspiring moments that encourage you. 

The Ola experience offers activities and carefully designed program for health, beauty and pleasure that motivates you. Under the roof of the Ola Hotel, guests can expect a unique mix of relaxation, activities for the body and mind, as well as natural beauty. The hotel's approach and offer, equally attractive throughout all the seasons, is bound to thrill you. Adding to the breathtaking view of the surroundings every morning as you wake up, the philosophy of the Ola Hotel is based on a lifestyle concept enabling you to live a modern life in harmony with nature. Putting aside the busy everyday life, the hotel allows you to enjoy a unique vacation, coupled with traditional diet and various relaxation methods.

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At the Ola Hotel with a magnificent sea view, you can choose whether you only want to relax, or perhaps go for any of the adrenaline adventures on offer, or attend interesting workshops and engage in a process of self-discovery. The programs and experiences are available to guests throughout the year, adjusted to different seasons. Allow us to introduce you to the uniqueness of each season. Whatever you decide – we will be there for you!


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