A new hotel dimension

Ola Hotel is cut into the imposing rock of Seget that provides shade from the northern side. The southern side is fully open towards the amazing Adriatic Sea, ensuring a sea view for each room.Ola Hotel, with its unique design and a high degree of adaptation to contemporary needs, dedicates particular care to the quality of accommodation and the overall atmosphere. In addition to spacious and cozy rooms offering views of the blue expanses of the sea, we also offer packages for relaxation and pleasure, for invigorating health and life habits, as well as numerous additional activities

Ola Hotel is a four-star hotel located only seven kilometers away from an international airport. The hotel features indoor and outdoor pool, à la carte restaurant "Black Pepper", rooftop bar, a spacious conference hall and a 48-space garage, which makes it attractive to corporate clients as well. Each season carries its own changes, charms, natural and inner beauty.

Ola Design Hotel is special for a number of reasons. Homemade food, diverse programs ensuring the well-being of your body and spirit, as well as numerous additional treatments, show you how to make your daily life easier, healthier and filled with awareness as you return home. In cooperation with our experts, you can benefit from health improvement programs and beauty programs, as you enhance your healthy habits.

Ola Hotel is the place where one wants to come back in order to start afresh. Ola is the initial wave of change that carries you further! Ola Hotel is the place where one wants to come back in order to start afresh. 

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