Six kilometers to the north of Split, at the foot of the mountains of Kozjak and Mosor, we come across the remains of the ancient city of Salona. Once the biggest Roman city in the Adriatic area, today it represents the largest archeological site on the Western Adriatic coast. Salona is the supposed birthplace of the emperor Diocletian, and its name stems from the salt pans that were once located here. Salona had everything that a city needed at the time: an amphitheater, a theater, a forum, thermae, the capitolium, numerous basilicas and other structures and facilities.

Today, a prominent site in the area is the Manastirine necropolis with the remains of graves and other structures where Christian martyrs were buried. If you wish to experience a genuine historical walk, make sure to visit Salona and stroll through the alley of cypresses, discover the sacral objects, and get some rest along the remains of defensive walls. A unique experience awaits you.

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